Gerson Rafael

Gerson Rafael is an aspiring entertainer with a passion for R&B and the dancing style Poppin’. Driven by the smiles on people’s faces, he hopes to show the world something new, something different.

After singing in the church band as a teenager, Gerson wanted to develop himself more as an entertainer. With a simple laptop, a studio mic and a recording program, he started discovering how much he enjoys his love for music. And through his dancing experience, his love for entertaining people grew even stronger.

It was not after a couple of years that he met his role models Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank in person and being chosen by Dutch artist Alain Clark to perform during one of his theatershows, that Gerson knew that this is his calling: To bring joy to people’s heart through music and dance.

Currently graduating at the University of Applied Sciences, specializing in Communication Digital Media, Gerson Rafael hopes to use his interest for digital media in combination with his music. “I can’t wait to show the world what I’ve got! Patience is key, though, so I’ll do my utmost best to keep improving my craft!”


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